Thursday, 24 July 2014

More US armour

When I returned home after Bovvy the first thing I did was to dump the purchases from the B&B in Dettol to remove the existing paintwork. To my disgust I found that the paint on the Armourfast Sherman 76s turned into a sticky gel and needed sustained effort with white spirit and tissues to remove it. here they are following repainting along with a pair of Armourfast Sherman 105s that I picked up at the same time.

At the back are a couple of Radio Jeeps from Britannia, these still need their crews to be painted.

Overall I prefer the Italeri version to Armourfast.

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Andrew Canham said...

When you told me about the paint last week it reminded me I had a bunch of minis to strip, so got the Dettol out. Mine went the same way! They were old minis that I painted about 15 years ago with Howard Hues paint. I thought it went on thick and rubbery at the time and it's coming off in sticky claggs that are bunging up the scrubbing brush and sticking to the sink - much to my wife's disgust.

Cheers, Andy