Saturday, 26 July 2014

Plastic Soldier Company US Infantry at last

I've been waiting ages to get around to starting these, hopefully I'll be able to turn out more before the next distraction.

There are quite a few faults in the figures, like the Y crossbelts on the infantry and the size of the heavy weapons. The proportion of bazookas are quite low so I've had to add in some conversions using Valiant parts.

A Rapid Fire Armoured Infantry Battalion, just missing the 57mm AT gun (I'll probably have to do some more conversions to make the crews for these and reuse my old Airfix 6pdrs for now)

Close up of a couple of converted bazooka

I also added Valiant backpacks to a number of figures to add variety


Stryker said...

Very nice - those bazookas and heavy machine guns should scare off Jerry!

Monty said...

These look good!

João Peixoto said...

Great looking figures!!!