Monday, 6 October 2014

M5 Stuarts

25% off the advert said, so rather than wait till Derby I put my order in to Plastic Soldier Company. These were a joy to build, my only regret is the amount of spare parts left over, I'll just have to find a use for them.

At the back three late model version that will be used with my US armoured battalion and in front three early version that will join the reconnaisance squadron


João Peixoto said...

Nice group! Long gone are the hasegawa and matchbox kıts we pretended to be Ok for normandy :)

Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Well done Will, super looking group photo. Joao is right on the button, as usual, we made do in the olden, that does it! I'm off to get some from PSC.

Andrew Canham said...

Very nice.

Robin Sutton said...


I've just completed two of the PSC Churchills .. couldn't agree more.. like your Stuarts, a joy to assemble and paint. Long gone are those myriad Airfix wheels.