Friday, 3 October 2014

More French for Egypt 1801

At last some colour in my painting and these are very colourful. To go with my existing four line infantry units I have added another two, plus four small units of Legere. The flags just need printing and adding to the line units.

Figures are Strelets French Light Infantry in Egypt


Phil said...

Excellent job!

Andrew Canham said...

Very nice work. They will fit in well with the existing force.

Cheers, Andy

Monty said...

Nice work, Will; I hope you're going to do some 'Glorious Glosters' who fought back to back at Alexandria in 1801? ;)

Cincinnatus said...

Very nice, will Mameluks be next?

Syl said...

It's very beautifull.

Will McNally said...

Cincinnatus, yes there will be some Strelets Mameluks as I've got a couple of units still to paint, but may be a while before I get around to them

Monty, I've already done a unit of the 28th Foot, seems to have been a while ago, back in December 2012