Thursday, 2 October 2014

On the workbench - October 2014

Painting plans for September were a bit disrupted by some purchases on ebay and The Plastic Soldier sale as you will see below. With these exceptions October will be a roll over of what is remaining as I will be off on holiday for a couple of weeks. So in rough order of priority I have:
  • More French Infantry for Egypt 1801 - nearly completed
  • 4 x US Jeeps - again nearly complete
  • 6 x M5 Stuarts - nearly there
  • An Austin K2 Ambulance
  • 6 x M3 Half tracks (some will be converted to M2s)
  • some US command teams
  • The Bedford QLD and QLTs that I keep intending to start.
  • and maybe start on those Austrian Grenadiers for the War of Spanish Succession

Off to Derby on Saturday, at least I won't be distracted by buying stuff on the B&B. Then it will be Leeds at the end of the month. If you want to stop and have a chat I'll be on the Lance & Longbow stand at both shows.

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Meic said...

Hope to see you on Saturday.