Thursday, 9 October 2014

Yet more US Jeeps

It seems that one can never have enough. These are the Ready to Roll versions bought on ebay, unfortunately the bases were a lot thicker than I hoped so I had to saw them off first. They came with some extra crew figures, but increse variety I used a couple of old plastic figures as well.

Just spotted I forgot to finish off the windscreens!

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João Peixoto said...

Dear Wıll: its better not to saw off anymore the bases of the vehıcles. If one of this days someone convinces you to base them you wıll have a lot of work! After buıldıng 3000+ of them, the Rapıd Fıre! sıte and such 'made' me base them. Of course İ'm stıll in the middle of the process...
But even so you keep building and painting a great collection!!!