Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Deutsches Afrika Korps - filling the gaps

The appearance of some cheap die-casts has allowed me to fill a few gaps in my DAK. The FAMO, light Horches, sdkfz 232 and 234 all were needed for various Rapid Fire scenarios. The heavy Horches were some metal models I had already, but needed some crew added. Crews are various plastic figures chapped up to fit.

Another pair of almost finished items - any guesses?


João Peixoto said...

Its a pair of OT-26 flamethrower turrets. Now, what is my prize?

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

What Joao said... but without the OT26 bit... :o))

For a pillbox/fixed turret emplacement?? D-Day?

Stryker said...

I have no idea - but I love the DAK stuff!

Will McNally said...

Well done JP, it's a modification of the twin turreted version that came with the Miniairons T26. The deck fits on the top of the upper hull to replace the large turret. I've a couple that I cab use as just twin MG, but this gives me some more possibilities. I still have a couple of turrets left so maybe I'll use them for pill boxes.