Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Museu Nacional Militar - Lisbon

Quite an amazing place, a mix of military museum, ornate palace and tribute to one of Portugal's poets Luis de Comoes (Tripadvisor link) It's situated in the old arsenal and spread out over two floors, be careful about the route you follow as once up the stairs you need to visit the Napoleonic and WW1 collection before heading into the medieval/renaissance armour or you'll end up having to retrace your steps like we did. Many of the elaborate rooms with arms and armour are very dimly lit and flash photography is not allowed.

For example

This photo of Museu Nacional Militar is courtesy of TripAdvisor

To start downstairs, lots of ancient cannon and an amazing ceiling

Intersted in headgear then this is the room for you

Plenty of models of artillery

Interrsted in the ECW or TYW then this is an interesting period when Portugal fought for its independence from Spain.

The room dedicated to Luis de Comoes.

Peninsula War

WW1 quite a few dramatic models and pictures

Back downstairs, yet more cannon.

I couldn't take any pictures because cars were in the way, but the central courtyard is surrounded by pictures of Portuguese battle in blue tiles.

Was it worth 3 Euros - definitely


Vexillia said...

"definately"? See - http://bit.ly/1lMYD7l

Fire at Will said...

Ta Martin, I'll read it next time before posting

João Pedro Peixoto said...

Nostalgic place. As a kid and spending holidays on the other side of the river I was forcing my father to cross the river to visit the Museu Militar every day.
If you two have problems with the word you can say 'definitivamente' :)

Fire at Will said...

SaJP the same for me when visiting London and going to the Imperial War Museum or the south coast and insisting on a diversion via Bovington