Friday, 25 December 2015

It's Christmas

and I've been good again, so a nice selection of presents were under the tree

So what do I plan to do with them:
  • The Stradioti will provide Light Cavalry for the wars in the Balkans against the Turks and potentially for a future Italian Wars project (but I'm not starting any new periods)
  • Roman Senate - will be used for civilians and also have potential for some sort of skirmish
  • Tecumseh - more reinforcements for my woodland indians
  • Red Army of the Winter War - reinforcements for my WW2 Russian winter forces now I have created more than enough Axis.
  • Romanian Infantry - I had forgotten these when I created my winter Axis forces
  • Soviet Assault Group - Engineers for my Russians, I've only got a few so far
  • Honours of War - Has had good reviews and I'd like to try them with my SYW forces
  • Fighting Sail - buried away somewhere in the stash is a large number of Napoleonic ships, hopefully this will inspire me to get them out assemble, paint and use them.


Springinsfeld said...

What a good Christmas haul....I look forward to seeing them appear painted throughout the year. Merry Christmas

Andrew Canham said...

Hi Will

A nice haul, Santa was very kind. Have you had a read through of Honours of War yet and if so what do you think? I was toying with the idea of picking up a copy, so if you fancy trying them out some time it would be great.

Cheers, Andy

Will McNally said...

Still reading the rules at the moment and they look worth trying out. I'm not at the club this week as I'm down in Bath, but free after that if you want to pick a date to try them.