Wednesday, 2 December 2015

On the workbench - December 2015

Crumbs another year has almost finished. November was spent trying to catch up with October's over-runs and in December I will have to clear up all those bits and pieces of half started ideas so I can get a clear start to the new year. In addition, after the fun of the £2 diecast tanks from the works the entertainment continued with £4 Deagostini diecasts on ebay and Amazon, so I have quite a few amassed now. Quite a few need repainted and/or drybrushing to fit in with the rest of my collection..

I've some finished units to post and I hope to get the following finished by year end.
  • 28mm Saxon spearmen for Saga, etc. (only the shields left to paint)
  • A small group of armoured bishops as a medieval command stand
  • Eight diecast transport vehicles for my winter Germans
  • Two Russian trucks and a Katyusha for my winter Russians
  • A selection of MMS German winter vehicle crews
  • Renaissance Ottoman Artillery - 4 guns plus crews, etc.
  • A couple of Russian 47mm AT guns in winter camo

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