Monday, 7 December 2015

Recon 2015

I battled my way across the Pennines through storm Desmond to get to the friendly local show at Pudsey. it's not a great show for eye-candy, but it's great to meet up with lots of friends.

So only a few pictures, mainly the Harrogate club's Kampfgruppe Pieper game set in the snowy Ardennes. So some ideas for my winter games

We put on the battle of Liverpool again, starting off the first game with a very young participant

Battle of Tawnersley Moor 1643 (an obscure ECW battle) - Nice to be able to read the research that was done.

Bolt action in the jungle!

Purchasing - not a lot as I'm officially not allowed to buy toys in the run up to Christmas. But I picked up some half price items in a traders closing down sale, a box of PSC British Halftracks and on impulse a box each of 28mm Gripping Beast Arab Heavy and Light Cavalry. Then a couple of bottles of paint and that was it.


Conrad Kinch said...

Some nice pictures there Will. Abstemious behaviour at the trade stands, I hope your virtue is rewarded.

KEV. said...

Envious WILL of all the Shows you seem to visit- We have but a few and these are 12 months apart here in New South Wales. KEV.