Sunday, 27 December 2015

WW2 French Command base plus Gendarmes

Continuing the clear out of oddments before year end. These are resin figures by Retrokit/Solfig, the detail is not all that crisp, but they are quite unusual subjects. Close up the officer figure does have some resemblance to De Gaulle.

Typically once I'd taken the picture and packed the figures away I spotted that the Gendarmes pistol hadn't been painted - it's now been rectified.


Andrew Canham said...

Some unusual figures there Will. Some scenic flavour for a street scene or are you working on an "Allo Allo" themed game?

Cheers, Andy

João Peixoto said...

Hmmm,if i'm not mistaken 'Retrokit' speed up procedures and copied the gendarme to the left from the Esci german that goes along their Sdkfz 251. And the one in the middle looks like Hitler from the Hasegawa Mercedes car. Not that I mind, I do this things all the time :):):)
Great way to make Gerdarmes, Will. Congratulations.

Conrad Kinch said...

Gud moaning.