Monday, 22 February 2016

Lentini 1943 - refought

I took all the terrain that I prepared for last year's big game down to Bristol for a game on Saturday, and an opportunity to play on my own table (I had played on Gela at the big game). It was a great day and we managed to fight to a conclusion in just a single day.

Ready for the off, hopefully not too different to what I laid out for the big game. I didn't bother with the quantities of scatter I had used before and the table seemed slightly narrower.

Most picture were taken from my flank as I commanded the German forces on their left (east) side of the table.

The British commence their advance

Don's (foreground) and my new Shermans in action. We had both used Italeri fast builds.

British Traffic jams, the advance pillbox held out for far longer than expected.

Another picture of my new Shermans in action (for a new unit they didn't do badly)

My Stug was bravely holding off a horde of Shermans until a lucky long range shot from a 6pdr caused heavy damage

Then my other stug (right end of the ridge) was taken out my a lucky round amongst a regimental stonk by a regiment of 25pdrs.

One of the pesky OP carriers

The British then proceeded to grind down the remaining defenders

A view of the other flank where the German defenses were also crumbling

End game as the British armour skirt Lentini heading for Ponte Malati. Too late to relieve the Commandos who had been wiped out

The last defenders, the German HQ in the bunker by the bridge.

My last troops (less than a company) are driven out of Villasmundo.

Overall a great day out!

Link to my previous pictures of the game


Archduke Piccolo said...

A fine, engaging-looking set up.

Pierre le Poilu said...

Yes, a very good looking game - I loved the pink ice cream van

Conrad Kinch said...

Is that an icecream truck on the bridge?

Bartek Zynda said...

Great game, great models, great terrain!

Digger said...

It looks great! Great game!

Stryker said...

Very impressive!

Will McNally said...

All, thanks for the complements

Conrad -it is indeed the now famous icecream van that appears in all the SOGG big games

KEV. said...

Massive WW2 Game- excellent Terrain WILL...the Germans look to be vastly outnumbered from the start- a big ask to come home with a win? Regards. KEV.

Monty said...

Blimey, Will - a proper war game! Nice one.