Saturday, 30 April 2016

Another diversion - Gangsters and Police/Citizens

As I mentioned in an earlier post I often leave some figures on the side of the workbench that I have no immediate use for and can't be systematically as a variety of colour style is needed. I just add an odd bit of left over paint whenever it seems appropriate

These are half a box each of the Redbox Gangster and Police/Civilians sets. They are not the best of sets with lots of flash, which didn't clean off easily.

From the pictures I've spotted a few bits I need to finish/touch up

The basing is very basic as I could't decide what would be the most suitable style for urban bases.

Not sure how I'm going to use them, odd figures will come in useful for various games, but maybe I should get some 20mm Zombies, LOL


peter said...

Lovely painted figures! You will find a use for them!
Caesar has the zombies you're looking for! ;-)


Nick Grant said...

They are great! Yes, indeed...zombies...

Andrew Canham said...

Looking good, like the cops especially.

Cheers, Andy

Umpapa said...

Excellent post and blog.

Link added.