Sunday, 3 April 2016

On the workbench - April 2016

Quarter of the year gone already. March was something of a dead loss as I had a bad cold that lost me nearly a weeks painting time and then two weeks holiday. So I'm behind plan and I need to catch up. My current plans are to work on

  • Repaint a pair of diecast M10s and a pair of Dodge ambulance look-a-likes in US colours
  • Assemble and paint a Charlie-Foxtrot barn
  • Three units of Crusader spearmen
  • Two units of Crusader crossbowmen
  • Four units of Scourrers
  • Two units of Burgundian Coustiliers
  • Two small units of mounted crossbowmen
  • Some Burgundian and Wars of the Roses Command stands
  • The Romanian winter infantry

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