Monday, 4 April 2016

US rework - M10s and Dodge Ambulances

Some quick fixes, simply repainting plus new decals added.

A pair of Fabbri/Eaglemoss diecast M10s (the sort you get for £2 at the Works) that I found on the B&B at WMMS

Crews will be added when I get my hands on the new Orion US tank crews.

A couple of cheap plastic models found in a mixed box of plastics at South Cheshire Militaire that are a very close match for a Dodge ambulance.

The decals came from an old Skytrex set that were being sold under the table by one of the Modelling societies at WMMS.


João Peixoto said...

If it's not a Dodge the guys wanted to make a Dodge. Very nice!

Conrad Kinch said...

Will you be adding a crew to the tank destroyers? They look slightly odd without them. Nice clean work otherwise.

Andrew Canham said...

They look fantastic Will. Nice work.

Cheers, Andy