Monday, 20 June 2016

Back to the Sudan

Following the Salute show there was the traditional gathering of the Gentlemen Pensioners (becoming more apt every year) for a big game. And, once again we were in the Sudan, where the Madhists were threatening the Egyptian forces occupying a village and town on the Nile. A British relief force was on the way by train supported by a cavalry and mounted infantry column.

The train, a lovely example of the MDF equipment that's now available

In close up, there is even a driver and stoker on board

An overview before the start, unlike the usual games the Madhists are all massed in plain sight ready to attack

My command of Hadendoa ready to attack the town's southern flank

Meanwhile at the other end of the table madhists assemble to attack the village, but a British gunboat has been sighted

The British mounted column has come on in suport of the train, and our madhist cavalry are well positioned to deal with them

Sorry for the fuzzy pictures, I must have got too excited. The Hadendoa reach the Egyptians holding the walls surrounding the town.

Success! a double one resulted in the Gatling jamming as the Hadendoa charged in, resulting in the slaughter of the gunners.

However the other Egyptians resisted stronly and it took us a while to eliminate the defenders, Only one unit stood between us and taking the town.

Meanwhile at the village the Egyptians are also in trouble and so are the blue-jackets disembarked to support them.

The table is looking much emptier now. the Madhist and Imperial cavalry have fought themselves to a standstill.

The one remaining Egyptian unit in the town, just before my Hadendoa charged in and wiped them out.

After seeing the way the battle was progressing against the Imperialists, I decided that my Hadendoa had fulfilled their precise orders of eliminating the Egyptian garrison and that the time was right to withdraw back to celebrate our victory.


Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Nicely done Will et al. Epic, I like. Very civilized surroundings too.

Pete. said...

Very nice- I always wish I do more Colonial Wargaming.



Andrew Canham said...

Lovely looking table. The train looks great, will have to quiz you on who makes it.

Cheers, Andy

Will McNally said...

Andy, the train and tracks are by Sarissa

Andrew Canham said...

Thanks Will.