Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Back to the War of the Roses

I'm getting back into gear following my holiday and completed all the figures that have been neglected on the workbench. So a bg batch has been completed all at once, in the first two rows are some new units and at the rear some that have been touched up and rebased

The newly painted figures are a bit of a mix, the billmen are Redbox town and country levy, a great set. Then all the archers are a variety with old Airfix together with Redbox and MiniArt all jumbled up to give variety to the units. The Airfix are best for showing off the retinue livery coats, whereas the Redbox and MiniArt are better models.

The rear ranks are mainly Revell, ls a few newly painted MiniArt just to make up the archers.


Stuart S said...

Nice job, what rules are you planning on using?

Will McNally said...

We use a variety, Hail Caesar and Lion Rampant mainly. Basing is still the same as WRG 6th.

Andrew Canham said...

They look great. Love those colourful armies.

Cheers, Andy