Saturday, 18 June 2016

Pictures from Phalanx

Another trip to my favourite local show - Phalanx.. The Lance and Longbow put on the battle of Chesterfield 1266. and for the first game I took on the role of the Royalist commander Henry of Almain. I had good luck and defeated the rebels under Sir John d’Aynville attempting to join the rest of the rebels in Chesterfield. We then defeated the rest of the rebels as happened historically. We managed three games over the course of the show and the results were evenly balanced with one win each and a draw.

Culloden in 6mm, no problems painting tartan in this scale

Fuentes d'Onoro in 20mm

Dark age skirmish

Napoleonic Russians v's Austrians

Frostgrave, with lovely winter terrain.

A variant on Black hawk down

The Sudan replayed with Peter Gilder rules

An interesting variant on winter terrain. Unfortunately I didn't get chance to ask what they had used.

In keeping with the anniversary battles, Hastings 1066

Sally 4forths new rule system being demonstrated

Some lovely 20mm mexican Revolution terrain by Shellhole Scenics, Ian very nearly convinced me to start a new period, but it is definitely on my reading list now.

Apologies for the quality of the pictures, the lighting at Phalanx is its only fault. The B&B is well managed by the club and I picked up a few bargains. I didn't spend much, but I did get the Black Powder ACW supplement, so I may test one of the scenarios in a few weeks.


KEV. said...

Thanks WILL for the great pictures- good to see what people are up to- Yes, indeed the Mexican Revolution is certainly an interesting period- not that often seen though- which makes it all the more tempting. KEV.

Carlo said...

Wonderful pictures and report Will. Can I ask if you know which group put on the Sudan Game please? Looks fantastic!

Will McNally said...

carlo the Sudan game was put on by "The Wargame Retreat"