Sunday, 26 June 2016

Stalingrad revisited

Since the last game Dougie has extended his Stalingrad terrain by 50% by adding the Barrikady Factory works north of the Red October factory. For this game I commanded the Germans and personally took command of part of the 79th infantry attacking Red October factory in a reversal of my previous role. The location was again Bristol Independent Gaming

A quick check that my new urban aircraft bases fitted into the terrain

The open ground to Germans would have to cross to get to the Barrikady factory.

The Barrikady factory

Worker's Izbas on the far side of the factory.

Most of the buildings on the new terrain are free standing to make the boards more portable.

And, we're off with a dive bombing run on a water tower, a likely site for artillery observers

The curse of the new strikes and my Stuka on its new base is shot down.

79th Division moving up (Rob's units)

79th Division (My units) - the first line of buildings had be abandoned by the Russians.

Still nothing in sight the advanced companies await the arrival of the rest of the regiment

Also quiet on Rob's flank

14th Panzer runs into trouble, a Panzer IV is brewed running into a minefield and Russian militia are putting up a stiff resistance in the bread factory


A second sortie of Stukas and guess what happened to my Stuka again.

My regiment assaults the Red October factory

Paul's 14th Panzer slowly makes progress.

My troops become to weak to continue the assault so they are pulled back.

Meanwhile Rob continues to make progress flanking the factory.

Adam's 305th(?) Division makes slow progress across open ground towards the Barrikady factory, despite reinforcements from 100th Jaeger Division.

Mulling over progress, although they had taken ground the Germans didn't have enough strength left to take their objectives of the to factory complexes

Some closing pictures, devastation in front of the Barrikady factory.

The positions around Red October factory


Stryker said...

A great looking game - nice photos too!

Springinsfeld said...

That's one impressive board, and the venue isn't too far from here. Must check it out.

Jack Sarge said...

Super looking game board & terrain!

Pete. said...

Stunning looking table and game.



Conrad Kinch said...

Now that is a very impressive spread. Well done on overcoming the urge to try to stuff it with wheel to wheel tanks too.

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

...brings to mind all those pictures of Lionel Tarr's set up.... but this is much nicer... superb..

rct75001 said...

That is superb work and a great looking game.

Miniature Wargaming The Movie said...

Wow! Impressive Terrain! Great post.

Miniature Wargaming The Movie said...

Wow! Really fantastic terrain! I love the train tracks. Looks great.