Thursday, 23 June 2016

Urban flying bases

This coming weekend it's a replay of Stalingrad (link to previous game) and I'll be playing the Germans this time. My only contribution to the game is a Stuka, but I decided to make a couple of "Urban ruin" flying bases to take along as well. The construction is old CDs for the base and Plastic Padding filler mixed with stones to support the magnetic retriever. I then added some old walls and other scatter and painted it black. Dry-brushed with grey, terracotta red and a touch of sand they give a reasonably ruined feel.

The lower surface is a couple of 88p mats From Wilko that I used for ploughed fields


Pete. said...

They look great- they'll match the board well too.



KEV. said...

The telescopic (airials) certainly come in handy for gaming. I tend to use the old bent up coat hangar myself for my Helicopters. The CD bases you have made Will - do look great for WW2. KEV.