Saturday, 4 June 2016

Yet more trees - Conifers in winter

A bit of an effort, but the 64 conifers had now been based up and I'l quite please with how they have turned out. The trees came from China via ebay and were in four sizes, the smallest pair had just plastic trunks, and the larger tends to droop (not unreasonably in snow) the larger pair are wire and therefore more rigid but the wire needs to be cut or bent to be able to fix them to the bases.

While working on the trees I also created a pair of aircraft bases using the telescopic magnetic retreiver gadgets. I've found my most suitable winter camo German (FW190) and Soviet (LA-7) to display them

Basic contruction is an old CD, scratched to ensure the glue adheres, then a mix of "Plastic Pdading", plus some stone filler to keep the rod in place. Once handened they were then based as usua.


Andrew Canham said...

They look good Will. Look forward to seeing them at Gauntlet.

Cheers, Andy

Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

great idea! I may copy it to a CD.

Stuart S said...

A great find and good value for money.