Sunday, 31 July 2016

Back from the Dolomites

I've spent the last two weeks tramping over the Brenta Dolomites, but because this area was behind the Austrian lines in WW1 there wasn't much to see. I did find a very overgrown fall back position during a valley walk, but not worth a picture. However in Pinzolo there was the lovely medieval old church of St Vigilio with its dance macabre fresco

Just in front was the war memorial with an Austrian Skoda 10cm howitzer

I'm now puzzled as I painted my Austrian guns in a rust colour

I assume that for mountain use they dispensed with the gun shield.

About halfway up the Val Genova there is an information centre and part of the exhibition is some posters of the WW1 in the Alps, both Austrian and Italian, well worth a visit if you are doing the cascades walk. there is also a small WW1 museum in Spiazzo, but apparently not worth the effort of getting there and back with the infrequent buses.

The local tourist office organised a free trip to castle Thun, which I'll cover in anther post, and also Castello di Stenico, which I missed.

Once location I would have liked to have stopped at during the transfer was Castel Beseno, one of he many fortifications up the Adige valley

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Springinsfeld said...

Fascinating post...that danse macabre is quite something. Reminds me of some Minifigs skeleton figures I have from th 1970's.