Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Ancient British Panzer Division - Chariots galore

Well that's the term Phil Barker used for Chariot heavy Ancient British armies, so how could I disappoint! The bulk are Airfix Ancient Britons with the wheel replaced with RHA artillery wheels. At the back are two Hat Chariot based commanders that I didn't have to rebase.

For Hail Caesar they will be used in units of three with 120mm frontage like all standard sized units. The couple of chariots in the centre are a couple of my older conversions.

Surprisingly only one horse was broken in the course of rebasing. I reduced the depth by chopping the chariot pole behind the cross bar and then tying it further forward using thin copper wire, thereby reduce to overall depth from 90mm to 70mm, which was consistent with the Hat chariots.

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painterman said...

Very impressive sight Will.