Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Balearic slingers

A blast from the past with this post. Many years ago in Airfix magazine there was a series of article on converting ancient figures (by Bob Black?), amongst them was how to create Balearic slingers from the Airfix Robin Hood set. Well here they are, probably at least 50 years on.

I should have replace the missing slings on a few of them, but I decided not to take the cane of them breaking.

But why rebase? - well I realised I was short of Celtic slingers and that this unit was oversize and the surplus could be used to boost them

I have also reworked a picture of the Celtic light cavalry so that the conversion are more visible for those who are interested in more of the historic conversions.


Nick Grant said...

Great stuff! I have a few old conversions of a similar ilk myself.

Sun of York said...

Wonderful. We are so spoilt for figures these days.

Doug said...

I took a photo of that article in Battle! For Wargamers magazine a while back:

Phil said...

Nicely done!

Stryker said...

Very clever stuff - I still have some old editions of Miniature Warfare magazine showing pictures of a whole Ancient Briton army converted from Robin Hood figures taking on Airfix Romans (the Airfix Britons were released a few years after the Romans I think).

Will - talking of old soldiers, if you take a look at my blog you will see some Prussian Cuirassiers I have just painted. Most of these were from your own collection originally painted by you as Russians I think! Hope you like what I've done with them!