Monday, 15 August 2016

Britcon 2016

Only a quick post to record my trip up to Manchester on Saturday to attend Britcon. The Lance & Longbow Society put on the battle of Bauge 1421, the same battle as we fought at RAGE in Leeds earlier this year. We managed a couple of game on the day, both marginal English wins. My first move as the impetuous Duke of Clarence was a classic. The Scots archers woke up, fired a volley, managed four hits (enough to remove one knight) then rolled a double one to kill Clarence!! David my opponent consistently rolls low, hence his nickname "Low Roller", but he rolled high for the hits, and then low to get the killing shot.

So only one picture for the day, the double one

Typically I sold very little on the B&B and spent more by buying the Italeri British and French HYW sets, after all I don't have a Henry V or La Pucelle figure yet!. I also bought a cheap Italeri Persian Cavalry set to try converting the chariot into a Galatian version to go with my Celts

Otherwise progress is slow but steady on the rebasing front and the results should be seen later this week

A couple more pictures can be found on David's blog

And a late addition a picture of me and John in action from the BHGS facebook page


Norm said...

I enjoyed seeing your game and chatting, but forgot to ask whether you marked individual casualties on the base? I.e. So that the figure los from lion Rmpanta is kept the same.

Will McNally said...

Norm, we used little chits placed on the base for the number of casualties suffered up until a complete base is lost.