Thursday, 18 August 2016

Don't go down to the woods today

Certainly not if you are Quintilius Varus, who had an unfortunate accident with three legions in Germany

I've just completed my Germanic warbands, which will be used in combination with my existing Celts to make a full army.

The figures are dominantly Caesar Ancient Germans, with a few other figures mixed in for variety and to make up the numbers, especially in the axe-wielding warband. A lovely set of figures for the period.

The figures are on my new basing with a 60mm frontage and 60mm depth with nominally 9 figures, so a warband comprises two base of 18 figures on the same frontage as a Roman Cohort of 16 figures in two close order ranks 40mm deep.


Matt said...

All that naked flesh on show...are you sure it's not Benidorm?

Lovely job on the figures!

Nick Grant said...

Very nice!

Monty said...

Great stuff!

Wargame News and Terrain Blog, said...

Where are my legions! No really nice miniatures and wouldn't want to face their wrath on the edges of the empire. Cheers