Sunday, 7 August 2016

Gallic Cavalry

Phew, just finished rebasing the cavalry for my Ancient British/Gallic army. They certainly show the gradual evolution of the army from it's origins over 40 years ago.

The light cavalry is the oldest and is made up of various conversion by adding Airfix ancient/medieval torsos to US cavalry legs and horses, then over the years a few more variations were added.

Extra units were added when figures became available, the noble heavy cavalry on the right started out as Italeri Roman Republican cavalry. Those on the left are the armoured figures from from Hat Celtic Cavalry

The Gallic medium cavalry are a mix of all the above plus the Italeri Celtic Cavalry.


Andrew Canham said...

Superb, the new basing has been really worthwhile and shows them off to best advantage. Excellent.

Cheers, Andy

KEV. said...

Good job on the re-basing. Fine collection of 72nd Cavalry. Regards. KEV.

Nick Grant said...

Excellent! Great to see some old fashioned (and very well executed) conversions.

Phil said...

Very impressive!