Sunday, 28 August 2016

The complete Ancient British/Gallic/German army

A final review of the army before packing them away. It's been a lot of effort, but it's been worth it

Amazingly only two figures and one horse broke during the whole exercise, which is exeptional given some of the figures must be close to original production.

Not all the figures can be fielded together. If I discard the medium/heavy cavalry and the archers it becomes Ancient British, or my keeping the archers it becomes Caledonian.
Alternatively removing most of the slingers and chariots it become Gallic Then by increasing foot as a proportion and dropping the remainling slingers and chariots it becomes Germanic.

I still intend to add more bits to the army so it can be used for Gaaltians and Gothic. I could even extend it to Dacian!


Pete. said...

A very impressive line up Will.



Andrew Canham said...

They look great paraded together. Vercingetorix's dream line up or Julius Caesar's nightmare!

Cheers, Andy

Nick Grant said...

Very impressive indeed! Great stuff Will!

Phil said...

Wow, most impressive army!