Thursday, 25 August 2016

The rest of the warbands

After completing the specifically German warbands I resorted all my old warband figures to try and give a sufficiently random feel to each of the 9 figure bases. This included the newly painted Caesar Celt Warriors (which are very nice) and they are included in the units in the middle rank of the army.

I did debate touching up/improving the old figures, but I decided to leave them as was, with just some repainting to the raised swords, where the paint had vanished over the years

Only one figure broke in the course of the exercise, which pleased me greatly!


João Peixoto said...

From this post it's easily understandable and from the scientific point of view why the Roman empire collapsed!

Andrew Canham said...

Excellent, they look great. Lovely to see the old Airfix figures featuring so prominently, brings back happy memories.

Cheers, Andy

George Wyllie said...

On the whole that was quite an exercise. Well done all round!