Tuesday, 22 May 2018

belated buildings for Market Garden.

These buildings from Timecast turned up too late for the game, and I wasn't sure about the size. They have now been painted and I'm still not convinced. They are sold as 18/20mm, I've displayed them with my 20mm figures.

Arnhem cottages, the front door is 15mm high by 5mm, definitely undersize.

Foy house & barn, the house door is 18mm x 11mm so the close to the advertised scale. The small barn doors are 20mm x 7mm so the right height, but too narrow

The overall height/bulk of the Arnhem church is fine, but the main door is only 22mm x 14mm. The back door is 18mm x 8mm.

They are very heavy, and attempting to dry-brush the brickwork is a pain as it is so fine. Because they are not critical to any game, I'll probably copy them and then sell them to a more appreciative home.


Phil said...

Beautiful buildings, love the church...

Andrew Canham said...

Gosh, yes, they look more like 15mm scale. Maybe there might be some interest from the ex-FoW players at the club.

Very nicely done though, they look superb.

I think I'm going to try the Sarissa mdf buildings on the PSC site and some resin castings from Lancer. If I could get a reply from Raventhorpe, they have the ex-Sentry buildings as well.

Cheers, Andy

Joรฃo Peixoto said...

I have the same houses from timecast and when i bought them years ago they were saying it was 15mmm.

Lee Hadley said...

Nice selection of buildings.