Monday, 14 May 2018

Battlegroup Market Garden - day 2

Day 1 ended wit the Allied players marginally ahead by +3 points. For my games with the US airborne I marginally won the recce scenario in the morning, but then marginally lost the flanking attack in the afternoon. It had been quite an intense day and no chance to look properly at what was going on on the other tables, even the adjacent ones.

Day 2 say the US airborne in defence of Veghel so here's a picture after my deployment

Things then went rapidly downhill as I was immediately intensively pounded by artillery an lost my single AT gun, which I was hoping to cover the bridge. From then on it was a hold at all costs and by the end I had just managed it. So I managed a marginal win, while the Allies as a whole did badly with the overall score being -4 in the Germans favour so winning them the campaign. So it was again a bridge too far!

Thanks to my opponents Steve, Graham and Guys who were a pleasure to play against.

If I get any more pictures or links to pictures I will add them if possible

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Lee Hadley said...

Cool. Good to see history restored!

Andrew Canham said...

Great photos.