More Jacobites - Manchester and Edinburgh

Completed a couple more units, on the left the Manchester regiment raised during the march south to Derby and on the right John Roy Stewart's battalion or the Edinburgh regiment. No flags have been added yet, There are some details for the Manchester regiment that the mottos "Liberty and Property" were on one side and "Church and King" on the other. One guess was that the flag was a simple English red cross on white. The Edinburgh regiment apparently had the "green flag of Kincardine". So I need to find and/or create something suitable.

Certainly for these figures the dormer house looks large


Unknown said...

What figures did you use for the two units? They both look really good!
1745 Jacobites had many flags that were plain white with little else on them - suspect Manchester Regt with have been the same, apart from those curious mottos.

Fire at Will said...

Ian, the figures are Redbox mainly from the Militia and Loyalist Troops box