Monday, 12 October 2015

German FAI-M

A reworking of one of "The Works" diecasts, originally I was going to paint it as one used by a War Correspondent, but I found some pictures of the earlier FAI as used for anti-partisan activities so I when for that.

In particular there was an earlier FAI version captured by the Polish Home Army in Warsaw.

Some more pictures here link


Conrad Kinch said...

Nice bit of work there Will. Those Works pieces are actually quite nice. I have some Matildas that I will adding my BEF.

Pete. said...

Nice job Will- makes picking up at least another one worthwhile....



Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

I've looked high and low for these 'The Works' diecasts but have had no luck. Do you have a link to their site or an address/number I might try please? It's a cracking job and I'd really like to have a bash.

Will McNally said...

The work website is

They did have a generic model available to order online, but you got a random model. Use the store locator to find a shop near you. Best trick to finding them is to ask the staff, they are sometimes hidden in a corner or still in the stockroom