Saturday, 26 November 2016

French Men at Arms

I was sorting through my remaining medievals when I realised that the surplus Miniart Italian knights could simply be repainted as French. I remembered the example block of Men at Arms passed around by the Perry's during their talk on the Agincourt diorama. They had created a block of about ten figures and then cast it in resin so they could be quickly painted and used to fill out the broad mass of French Men at Arms. So I used a similar to approach to paint four units.

Here's one of my pictures of the Agincourt diorama, I can just about see the blocks, but only because I've seen one up close


Paul´s Bods said...

They look great. Did you actually cast them ?
PS..I didn´t know that about the Perry´s Agincourt works though, any Repetition isn´t noticable.

Conrad Kinch said...

They don't look like castings at all - very well done will!