Monday, 22 May 2017

Pictures from Partizan

An unexpected bit of luck. On my way back from holiday my wife agreed to a diversion to Newark so I could attend the Partizan show for the morning. Just as well as the L&L stand was short handed. But I still managed to have a good look around in the time available to me.

Picture of things that interested me (in no particular order)

Blitzkrieg Miniatures - Ardennes - maintaing my interest in snowy scenery

Their desert game ( a rather strange mix for the desert, especially the Sexton)

Bunker Hill 1775

Nice to see the Light Infantry "sneaking" along the shore

Charlestown a bit to close to the action

ECW (1)

ECW (2), where I would have liked time to watch how the game progressed

SYW with the lovely Crann Tara Miniature, shame they are 28mm

The Perry's lovely Egypt 1801 game

Inspiring stuff, I must get back to the period again

And build some limber teams, both camel and horse drawn in 20mm

ECW(3) Inverlochy

Poles v's Swedes - lovely figures but the cloth destroys the whole effect (compare this with the Sudan game later)

I have played some of these actions, and I'll be reworking my Poles in due course

Nice German Mercenaries (maybe a use for my leftover TYW figures)

Dresden 1813 - again a game I'd have liked the time to watch how it worked out.

The Grosser Garten is a nice piece of scenery.

League of Augsburg's impressive game.

Lots of ideas for eastern European scenery

Maybe some more animated wagons?

Or maybe an artillery park

Cambrai 1917 - lovely to see the tanks breaking out into the green fields

Lots of eye candy

Sudan 1890 - along with the Perry's the most impressive game at the show.

The printed rippling sand cloth is just right (apparently the 12 x 6 cloth cost £150!!!)

A reminder that I need to make a thorn bush "zariba" (and maybe the ballon

And a track section under construction

Finally the classic wargame of the show - clothes pegs french & Indian war. The great thing was they were showing the kids how to make/paint them.

Overall, it was a great show to visit, and the journey home was not as long as expected, so maybe I'll make the trip again another year

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