Monday, 15 January 2018

You can never have enough T34s

Another batch of "The Works" diecasts repainted, this time the T34/85s. They were originally white and I thought I could dirty them up enough, but in the end I decided to repaint from scratch.

Tagging along in the rear a pair each of SU100s and SU122s

This brings my overall total of T34s to 29

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Archduke Piccolo said...

Years ago a friend turned up on my doorstep bearing his entire WW2 Soviet armour inventory at that time. On my lounge floor he laid out an entire T34 Regiment at 1:1 - 45 AFVs in all. Then he laid out his other AFVs - at least another 20 vehicles.

At that time my entire Sovier inventory comprised 9 T34s and 5 KV tanks. That inventory has expanded since: 14xT34, 6xKV (5 convertible from KV1 or 2 into KV85), 6xIS2, 2xISU152, 1xSU85, 2xT26. To this I can add up to 9 Shermans.
Still not a large collection, by set beside some of my acquaintance!