Thursday, 5 July 2018

On the workbench - July 2018

June has been a bad month and July is not looking any better. I bailed out of Phalanx slightly early due to medical problems and then missed the Gentlemen Pensioners game on the Sunday. I'm now having to undergo various tests, which will have an effect on my painting output. Also add in a planned holiday, so the limited number of items I will concentrate on are:

  • Two more SYW Highland regiments - one started
  • French Kings/Cardinals Musketeers - also started
  • Ttwo Arabian/Afghan buildings bought at Phalanx
  • Start rebasing my SYW Austrians
  • A new replacement Napoleonic French Cuirassier brigade to replace my old Airfix figures

Our local show Gauntlet is next weekend and, if the tests turn out OK I may try and get down to Battlegroup South at Bovington.


Robbie Rodiss said...

Best of luck Will. Between the glorious weather and the World Cup I think a lot of wargamers are struggling in their painting projects. Obviously your problem is more serious. Best of luck.

Will McNally said...

Thanks Robbie. I'm hoping it all turned out to be one off incident. I'll may find out tomorrow.