Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Clearing the stash

I managed to sell of a bit of my surplus at York and I've just put some more on ebay (link)

For example these old AWI French Infantry


Archduke Piccolo said...

Good old Airfix AWI stuff! They form the foundation of my Imperial (Trockenbeeren-Auslese) and Dukedom (Herzogtum von Rechberg) Armies. Rather than single-pose units, though, I paired poses:
Standing firing and loading (Imperialists)
Kneeling firing and 'this is where you get the butt end, Mister' pose (Herzogtum).
A few marching and crouching grenadiers make up another unit.

My 36-figure line battalions comprised 1 Coy grenadiers and 3 of line, all with the same poses, plus HQ element of mounted colonel, subaltern officer, flag and drummer.

Meanwhile, Altmark-Uberheim got Revell 7YW Prussian infantry, and M'yasma got AWI and Napoleonic Prussian infantry.

Must do some postings on this!

Will McNally said...

Archduke, yes it seems odd now with all the single poses, but years ago (many) they were used in a single rank. Now I'm always looking at doubling up and hence why I decided to part with them rather than create extra figures for the second rank or even swap around the grenadiers. I'm going to have similar problems when I move onto my AWI Rebels.