On the workbench - September 2019

Well I managed to clear the bench by about 2/3rd of the way through the month so I diverted onto some WW2 bits and pieces and then started work on my Rifs, Bedouins, Mamelukes, etc. So my main focus this month will be on various North African stuff, in particular

  • Strelets Bashi Bazouks on foot to provide some more Ottoman rabble.
  • Strelets Rifs to boost my Arab Rebellion forces (or to use as Rifs)
  • Strelets Mamelukes to provide local opponents for my French in Egypt 1800
  • Strelets French Foreign legion in khaki to deal with the Rifs
  • To add some variety some medieval artillery

1 comment:

Trebian said...

I bought a Matchbox Renault 17T in about 1978 to do the Rif revolt. Still haven't made much further progress with that project.