Latest acquisitions

Thought it was about time to replenish the reading and painting stashes

If the reading doesn't indicate my next direction then the figures will.

My plans for these are
  • The Spanish infantry and sampler, together with earlier purchases will provide me with enough figures to complete a Spanish infantry brigade
  • The Andalusian infantry will provide some skirmishers for my Crusades forces
  • 1805 French will put my Revolutionary French back in balance with the Austrians
  • The Zvezda WW2 British will hopefully provide enough together with my others I have acquired to create a platoon plus some supports for the BEF in 1940. (Yes, I know I said I would try and not work on WW2 this year, I'm just getting ready for next year!)

Of course the Roundway Down and British Army of 1801 books my give me other ideas.


Trebian said...

I've got some spare Andalusian figures, - do you want them?

Vintage Wargaming said...

Spanish at Abbey Road- nice.