Napoleonic Spanish Cavalry

My Spanish Cavalry brigade for the early Peninsular War. Very much a mix and match force

Maria Luisa Hussars (later became Estramandura Hussars) nicknamed the run-away Marys. These are Zvezda SYW hussars on the Esci Polish Lancer Horses.

Cazadores a Caballo - Voluntarios de Espagne. Italeri French hussars on the carabinier horses from the same manufacturer.

Villaviacosa Dragoons, using Italeri Prussian Cuirassiers

Rey Cavalry Regiment, known for its successful charge at Talavera, again Italeri Prussian Cuirassiers


Gonsalvo said...

Super looking cavalry regiments, and great use of alternate figures. I choose much the same units. I will eventually add a unit of Cazadores in the green uniform and helmet to mine.

mordredsminiatures.blogspot.com said...

Splendid. Are you going to make more Spanish cavalry?

Phil said...

Colorful and superb, love the hussars!

Fire at Will said...

Mordred, yes I am now tempted to produce more Spanish cavalry, but some of the various units raised during the war