Airfield buildings

I have had these a while, I picked them up on ebay to use for the planned Crisis point game, but when that was cancelled due to lockdown I put them to one side.

After assembly I felt disappointed by the appearance especially the Nissan huts and almost gave up, but I persevered

The Nissan huts were a basic frame that looked nothing like the originals and the side windows are appalling so I gave up using them, To give the correct appearance I clad them in corrugated card recycled from wine boxes, thanks to Steve A for that tip.

The Control tower is the best but I had to make all the levels accessible and added the railings around the viewing platform

The hanger is a very monolithic structure, I think a double roof would have looked far better and the entrance is not wide enough to get any 1/72 aircraft inside

One of the original pictures from ebay, I still have the "radar" but I won't be using it.

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Bluewillow said...

Look good but the Nissan huts do look a bit off, either way will be serviceable