On the Workbench - December 2023

I felt I made good progress over the course of the month but there is still plenty left unfinished frm my original plan, so in an effort to clear the decks before the festivities I will try on work on:-
  • More WW2 German Volksturm to complete my "Fall of the Reich" forces - in progress from last month
  • Rebasing my WW1/RCW Russians and Austro-Hungarians and adding some additonal units such as the following
  • WW1 Russian limbers based on reusing my Airfix ACW limber previously used for WW2 and adding HaT WW1 Russian limber riders
  • 3 units of WW1/RCW White Russian Infantry
  • plus trying to finish as many bits as possible before the year end
As mentioned earlier, I also went to Recon in Pudsey on Saturday and also managed to sell some remnants from the stash.

1 comment:

Chris Kemp said...

Very nice, Will.

The turret was always the weakest part of the Airfix model.

Regards, Chris.