Easter Big Game - Grave to Nijmegen - Days 3 and 4

Easter Monday past by very quickly and I failed to take enough pictures of the action. At last Guards Armoured had arrived but their progress was slowed by having to clear Grave. In the east, yet more German reinforcements were arriving so there would be a lot of pressure there.

Yet more German artillery
Guards Armoured on the move after having cleared Grave
Assault on Nijmegen, mainly from the east, but Guards Armoured provided a bit of support to the south (the tanks couldn't move off road)
German defenders view
Continuing the assault
End of game pictures - the German defenders of Nijmegen have been counter attacking, strongly supported by their guns and mortars. Over in the east Beek has fallen to them and they are pushing through from there towards Nijmegen. Overall a German victory.
finally, curtesy of Don, a picture of all the participants
The motley crew involved from L to R - Me (Will McNally), Will Morriss, Alan McCoubrey, Colin Rumford, Don McHugh, Rob Beswick and Ian Willer.

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