Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Fiasco Show

A great day out to the Fiasco show in Leeds on Sunday. I was with the Lance & Longbow Society again and the game this time was Marignano 1515. The third replay I've been involved in and in this one the Swiss gave their best performance. I played French and I consistently rolled low pip dice for the two forward commands until later in the game when the pattern changed. The picture below shows the intact Swiss columns about to cross the ditch.

The show was smaller than before with everything confined to the main hall. There were some other interesting games, but I didn't manage to take any other photos since the battery on my camera was playing up. Hopefully one of the many friends I met will post some and I'll then add a link.

The high point was returning home with more money than I started as I managed to sell most of a large box of old/spare figures, and the new figures I would have bought were not available yet.


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