HYW English

A touch of "something old, something new" this time. I have repainted some very old Airfix "Robin Hood" bowmen, adding in some more I acquired over the years plus a few Strelets figures I got for Xmas.

They will form the core of my Hundred Years War English army and provide bow contingents to others such as my Teutonic Order army.



Bob Spruster said...

A motley looking crew. But then, you don't have to be dressed in your best to kill frogs!
Nice job on these, Will. Have you tinkered with any Miniart figs yet?

Fire at Will said...

Bod, I've been very tempted by the Miniart figures, especially the Burgundians but not tried any yet.

I plan to get some Hussites for the wagons, so I'll get chance to appraise the figures then.