Thursday, 30 October 2008

Medieval Britain

They've been drifting along for a while with the odd figure or colour being painted when I remember, but finally here's the completed collection. All the figures come from Strelets Medieval Britain set.

Foreground someone being knighted and the heralds, behind a rather menacing cowled monk and a relaxed group of Men at Arms.

Casualties of war bodies being dragged of the battlefield and an archer finishing off a fallen knight

Casualty clearing station

A great collection and will brighten up the rear areas of my armies.


Andrew said...

It's wonderful to see them all painted. I like how you arranged these into little vignettes. I've been trying to resist making new hobby purchases for a while, but I feel my resolve crumbling. said...

Very well done.
looking for the same set but unable to find it.
Any ideas where I can find it?

Fire at Will said...

Ian, I normally use Harfields, but they don't have any in stock, so ebay is your best hope.

ian said...

Thx for the information.