Saturday, 18 October 2008

More HYW English Bowmen

I've now repainted the rest of the old Airfix bowmen, this time from the Sheriff of Nottingham set. I started with 30 figures, but lost 2 due to the dreaded brittle plastic disease. I'll normally be using them as Light Heavy Infantry, and the smaller unit may well be used with the Teutonic Order hence the simple white surcoat and red cross. The other unit was given a Strelets standard bearer and after some hunting through old Hobilars I found the flag for Sir John Fastoff.
Makes quite a nice change to see my old figures repainted, but the problem is the size of the stash, so do I repaint/rebase units or paint new?
Anyway, now on to a variety of cavalry units, while I finish the Medieval Britain set

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littlejohn said...

Classic figures...reminds me of my old Featherstone books. Nice!