Sunday, 5 October 2008

Successful trip to Derby

A great day out to the Derby show yesterday, as usual at the moment you found me on the Lance & Longbow society stand. This time the game was the battle of Lincoln 1141 Here is a view of the action taken from the walls showing the furious fighting over the teddy bear fur. King Stephen's forces to the right, the Duke of Gloucester's to the left.

I had quite a successful foray to the B&B picking up quite a bit for the stash
  • A mixed bag of HaT Alexander's Light Infantry & Zvezda Greek Infantry (I'm sure I need a few more lights)
  • Two bags of Hat Macedonian Cavalry mixed with Italeri Macedonian Cavalry (should give me some more prodromoi, round off a couple of other units, and possibly use some for Successor Agema)
  • Italeri AWI British Light cavalry (Complete impluse since I already have one set to upgrade my AWI American cavalry)
  • Zvezda English Knights of the HYW (As I'm working on the HYW these looked too nice to pass over)
  • Strelets-R Medieval Levy 1 (I need some scruffy types to back up the knights etc.)
  • Zvezda Russian Infantry Of Peter The Great (2 packs) I was debating increasing my Marlboroughian forces so finding these persuaded me - they'll probably become German infantry in blue.
  • Strelets-R Swedish Infantry of Charles XII (I always like strelets for the variety of poses allowing bases to become dioramas - so these will provide another regiment)
  • Matchbox Panzer III (Hurrah, I've been looking for more of these for a while)
  • Airfix Panzer IV (I need another short barrelled one for some early war scenarios, I'll try and model it as an earlier version than the F1)

I also picked up from traders

  • Zvezda Polish Hussars (a cheap box and I really want the command figures)
  • Fujimi Panzerjaeger I (again like the Pz IV needed for early war scenarios, It was nice to see Fujimi back on sale again)
  • The latest WSS with the theme of Ligney by Barry Hilton, a battle I always intend to refight.

There were lots of traders and the venue is great with easy access and parking, natural light, far better than the old Civic Centre (shows how long it was since I was last at the show)

On a second foray back to the B&B I ran into Andy Callan racking through the plastics, both of us agreeing on the pleasures of rummaging and finding that long desired set going cheap. One of other great pleasures of shows is running into old wargaming opponents, like Andy, from other parts of the country.

Probably the next show I'll be at will be Leeds

The first details of our local Gauntlet show are now up on our upgraded Deeside Defenders website


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Andy McMaster said...

I was there Saturday as well but had less success on the bring and buy - zero to be honest! Bought the British Grenadier rules which I intend to try. And bumped into the guys I started wargaming with 30yrs ago and haven't seen for at least 20!

For the first time ever, bought no figures. Nearly bought a stack of painted AWI 15mm on a stall but they were just not worth the £1 a figure...

Good show, good venue.